Things to Discuss With Your Personal Trainer When Exercising Post Child Birth

Most women look forward to having a child and playing the role of a mother. However, with the blessing of a child comes more responsibility and the need to look after your health. New mothers need to focus more on their health so that they are fit enough to look after their baby’s needs.

Post child birth, the body needs time to recover and get back to its original routine. There are many changes that take place in the body too. Many women get worried about the weight they put on during their pregnancy and soon after child birth may want to join the gym to lose that excess weight. Before starting an exercise routine right after your delivery, here’s what you should discuss with your personal trainer though especially if you are planning to run tough mudder obstacles Sydney soon.

How soon is too soon

Usually, your doctor would be the best person to tell you when to resume your original routine or even when to join the gym. However, a professional personal traineris no less trained to advice you too. If you have just delivered your child a month or few weeks ago, before starting your workout routine, always ask the trainer whether the time is right. Based on the kind of delivery you have had and your present health condition and also that of your baby’s, the personal traineror doctor will be able to when to resume your exercises.

What should you avoid?

You may feel fit and fine after your delivery and ready to get back to the best mud runs in Sydney but the body needs its share of rest and care after having a baby inside it for nine months. There are certain activities you should avoid in order to prevent complications from arising post child birth. Try to discuss what these activities are and whether there are any kinds of exercises that are included in the list too. Most doctors or trainers support the idea of exercising to lose pregnancy weight. However, they won’t advice you to perform all the exercises you did before. Certain types of workouts will be better avoided and your personal trainerwould be able to tell you what they are.

Should your objective be to lose weight?

Health is more important than losing weight for a new mother. The excess weight you put on during pregnancy will go over its own time if you eat right and exercise regularly. If you are in a rush to lose weight, it might affect your health at a time when your health is important to be able to nurse and look after the baby. Ask your personal trainer what your new fitness goal should be post child birth. Ideally, you should focus on being healthy and fit and not just on getting back to your original shape.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Diet For Weight Loss Purposes

Losing weight is more of a struggle and many people end up spending days or even years trying to get that right height-weight ratio. However, with the right advice from your boot camp in Rushcutters bay personal trainer and the right exercise routine, you will end up with the fit body you wish to have. Losing weight or maintaining the right weight is all about eating well. There are so many diets out there that choosing one that is meant for you can be confusing. Here’s what you should consider when choosing a diet for weight loss purposes.

Is it right for you

Out of there endless number of diets available out there, ask yourself whether the one you are about to choose is right for you. See what the diet involves and what foods it focuses on. Sometimes, you may require an iron rich diet and the diet you are about to follow is more of a protein rich one. In this case, after a few weeks, you may end up feeling tired and nauseous instead of healthier. You can also consult with your boot camp in Rushcutters bay personal trainer before starting a diet so that you don’t end up choosing one that is just not right for you.

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Does it have what you need

You would know your body well and understand what it reacts to well. After you read up about a few diets and find some that seem right for you, see whether it has what you actually need. For instance, if you suffer from severe fatigue, does this diet have its share of iron rich foods like spinach in its diet plan? If it doesn’t, what amount of iron intake does it focus on. Assess these features before picking a diet so that you can get the most out of it eventually.

Can You follow it

Some diets have very stringent eating plans. For instance, the famous GM diet involves eating fruit for an entire day, vegetables on another day and so on. It may seem interesting to try, but you should see whether you can actually follow it or not. If you have a hectic work schedule or one that requires you to travel often, then this diet may actually be wrong for you. Discuss your lifestyle with your boot camp in Rushcutters bay personal trainer before making a decision on which diet to choose.

How much weight do you need to lose

Some people end up fussing over just a few kilos of extra weight. They take hours to choose a diet that may actually be meant for someone who needs to lose more than ten kilos. It helps to assess how much weight you actually need to lose before reading up about diets. Your boot camp in Rushcutters bay personal trainer will also be able to assess your height and weight ratio and advise you on how many kilos you should focus on losing. The diet you choose should finally help you lose the required amount of excess weight, not more and not less.

By keeping these few tips in mind, you will end up choosing the right diet.